Wholesale Partnership Models

We offer 3 Wholesale partnership models depending on the level of Credit Union staff expertise and how much the CU would like to be involved in the mortgage origination process. Our Wholesale partnerships offer the CU excellent income potential and more customization in the amount of fulfillment and member contact. MFM can also sponsor Wholesale Credit Union partners that would like to offer Government programs like FHA and VA to their members!

  • Wholesale Lite 1 partners will receive the highest level of assistance in the mortgage process, with Member First Mortgage handling the majority of origination functions. Credit Unions will be responsible for taking the application and performing five RESPA functions. MFM will take care of the rest - preparing initial disclosures, processing and underwriting. MFM will also close/post-close, fund and prepare loans for sale on the Secondary Market.
  • Wholesale Lite 2 partners and Member First Mortgage will work together during the mortgage process, with the Credit Union responsible for origination and processing functions - including preparing initial disclosures utilizing MFM's state-of-the-art LOS. Once a loan is ready for closing, MFM will close/post-close, fund, and prepare for sale on the Secondary Market.
  • Great for Credit Unions with mortgage lending experience, Wholesale Full partners will handle the entire origination process, utilizing the CU's own loan origination system (LOS). Member First Mortgage will be responsible for underwriting and compliance review, as well as closing/post-closing, funding and preparing loans for sale on the Secondary Market.